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May 17, 2023

When I am asked by a client to create a logo I begin by gathering essential information to understand the company's values, target audience, industry, and any specific requirements for the logo design. This initial research helps me create a logo that accurately represents the brand.


Sketching logo ideas: To start the creative process, I like to go back to basics and sketch out lots of ideas on paper first. I sketch different concepts, exploring various shapes, typography, and symbols that align with the brand's identity. 

Creating a digital version of the logo: From here I select a few of the strongest sketches to refine further. At this stage I turn to Adobe Illustrator to draw a vector file and I experiment with colours, typography, and composition to bring the ideas to life. A good logo design is often simple and easily recognisable. It's important that the logo works well at different sizes, from large-scale signage to small social media avatars. Colours should align with the brand's values and evoke the desired feelings.

Creating a presentation: Next, I layout a variety of logos within a clear presentation, detailing fonts, colours and, if relevant, the thought process behind each idea. Whether something is right straight away or needs refinement, I work with the client to amend and tweak until the final logo meets their expectations.

Final logo files: I package up all final files in formats required and supply these to the client for future use. I can also create a guidelines document, if requested, outlining correct usage, minimum sizes and corporate fonts/colours.

If you'd like to discuss a logo design, please get in touch.